Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In addition to all of the gorgeous, fantastic, wonderful knitting books I received in December, I also received (GASP!) yarn. My Dad got me these beauties:

The Good (from right to left) - Fleece Artist Kid Silk 3 ply in Amethyst, Fleece Artist Basic Merino Socks in Hercules [top] and Cosmic D [bottom], and Claudia Handpainted 100% Merino Fingering Weight in Oops. Yummy!

I'm not sure what to make with the Kid Silk 3 ply. I love this yarn and have already knit a Clapotis in the Marine colorway. As for the sock yarn - there are always socks to be knit. I might do something extra special with the Claudia Handpainted, but I don't know what...

My mom got me this eclectic bunch:

The Bad - Fancy Fur in Stain Glass Black, in so much as it' fur (eek!)
The Ugly - Patons Cici in Calypso

Now, these last two yarns aren't so bad, really. They're just - different. I'm sure I can figure out something lovely to make with them for Mom for Christmas 2007 (mwahahaha). Seriously though, the Fancy Fur might make excellent trim for an uber long and slinky black cardigan and/or on a black felted bag. And the Paton's - I think it might make for a spunky little crocheted cloche, like the one done in neutral here, but without the flower.

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