Sunday, January 28, 2007

First 1 1/2 FOs of 2007

Now, I know that some people aren't really into the whole wrist-warmer/fingerless glove thing (scroll down to read "The Doltdrums of Winter"), but I like 'em (and I like the Knitting Curmudgeon too). Call me a KnitDweeb if you must, but I like fingerless gloves. I'm the kind of dorky girl who thought it was the coolest thing when, for a fleeting moment in fashion history, someone had the bright idea to make sweatshirts with extra-long sleeves and to give those extra-long sleeves thumb holes. My hands are always cold, but wearing gloves around the house and at work just isn't gonna happen. Besides, I like the mobility fingerless gloves provide. Now, after this veritable treatise on the merits of fingerless gloves, I'd damn well better wear mine :). Presenting my first FO of 2007:

From left to right: pair; front of left mitt; back of left mitt.

Pattern - Eric's Glovelets from Green Mountain Spinnery
Yarn - Khroma DK (50% Baby Alpaca, 50% Merino) from The Fibre Company, in Cypress
Needles - size 3 Brittany double-points

I've also finished one of my very first pair of jaywalkers. I'm doing this in Trekking and it's lovely, but the yarn does tend to split a bit. Here's the one sock I have done:

Hopefully, I'll have better pics to post when the pair is done. As of now (with one sock still to go), I plan to knit these again...

Well, tomorrow is Monday and I suppose I'd better get ready for it...

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