Saturday, July 02, 2011

Cleaning House

Friday was a good day; I met a friend for a lovely breakfast, attended lunchtime yoga, and then met a second friend for an iced coffee. When I got home, I discovered that my dog had not only made it into my office space (I left the door closed), but had knocked over various items and left a mess. At first I was exasperated by this. All I could see was the mess. But as I began to pick up the stray balls of yarn and rifle through the bags from which things tumbled, I took the opportunity that presented itself: clean. I dumped out the various bags that filled the space. I balled up all the little left over bits of yarny goodness that had been tossed in baggies and left for later. I resolved to take stock and make space.

Of course, in my fantasies, this meant keeping track of every skein of yarn, every ounce of fiber, and every bit of crafty material, either in an excel spreadsheet or on Ravelry. That did not happen; what did happen is that I made some space. I don't feel so overwhelmed when I walk into the room anymore. This was one of those evenings that develops its own momentum; before I knew it, it was midnight.

I didn't intend to "clean" when I woke up this day. In fact, I didn't actually get to the items I planned to spend time on at all. But I am not disappointed; making space here has left me energized to clean house, make space, and regroup in other ways.

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