Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes Life Hands You A Hell Sandwich....

And all you can say is, "Do I get a pickle with that?"

So....I had some hard news this weekend, which I have been handling by breathing deeply and knitting and spinning. There are worse ways to cope, I say. (We won't talk about the Irish coffee cake and bag of biscotti that came home with me from Great Harvest yesterday.)

I spun some merino-yak that I've been working on for a. long. time. now. (years)

I also visited Northeast Fiber Arts, where there was open knitting and very good cookies. I started a Rasta Cowl that is now finished. I also bought some yarn for the class I'm taking with Nancy Bush - Traditional Mittens of Estonia - next Saturday!

Rasta Cowl in color 864 Porrinho

Finally, I finished my Fleece Artist Mittens; all I had to do were the thumbs, so it was cake once I sat down and actually did it. Here they are in my favorite colors: blues and greens.

Now, it's on to new projects - and a yarn crawl post.

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Anonymous said...

I've finally caught up with your recent blogging! KT