Thursday, July 07, 2011

Declaring Independence

This fourth of July, I declared my independence from dust. I was motivated to do this by the imminent arrival of friends, whom I love dearly and did not want to expose to the full extent of my grungieness (not that they would mind; they are, after all, my friends).

A few days with friends always helps me to realize:

1. I have really good friends, for whom I'm grateful.

Friends like this. And Megan and Matt who came to visit with me and take me bike riding. Oh, yeah, and they were celebrating their first year of marriage too. ;)

2. I am lucky to live in the beautiful country, state, town, and house that I call home.

3. Having friends over is a great way to make sure I clean that house every once in a while.

4. It is important to slow down and enjoy life and the people you love.

Number 4 is one I want to practice more.

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