Monday, March 07, 2011

Blog Abandonment Syndrome

Yes...I think I have it. I feel guilt about not posting to this here blog, but do not actually get off my tush and do anything about it. Nope!

Should I seek medical help? Perhaps the support of good friends can help? That's what knocked me out of my (TWO YEAR) hiatus this time....I was inspired by the lovely blog of Holy Knitter. If you don't read her blog, you should, and not just because I am mentioned :).

A LOT has happened since I've last blogged. I've moved to a new house - my first one. I am now an Aunt to my gorgeous nephew Dominic. I have....A.Dog. (and he's super cute!). And now I have a blog that is not utterly defunct. More to come soon (I pinkie swear) about my recent vacation (and subsequent yarn purchase), my first sweater of the year (and second ever completed - once I put the dang buttons on), and my current knitting project. I just can't wait!

When mom isn't blogging she's with me. Can you blame her?

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