Sunday, March 01, 2009


Okay, so I've been thinking about reviving this blog for quite some time now, and well...clearly I have not perfected telekinesis, because it's been years (yikes!) since I posted.

But I am back! For now....

I love reading other people's blogs and am often sad at the thought that I could be creating my own record of lovely knitting (and life) bits to look back fondly on, but I haven't, for many reasons: laziness, procrastination, perfectionist induced self-censorship, sheer exhaustion. That stops (for) now!

Recently, I finished my second Clapotis. I made this one in Dream in Color, Smooshy, in the Blue Lagoon colorway. It is a belated birthday gift for a very dear friend of mine.

I am currently working on the February Lady Sweater, in a lovely shade of purple. The yarn is a Kraemer yarn that I bought at the Kraemer Yarn Factory when I first started knitting. Anticipating a visit to grandma's house, I had looked up all of the yarn shops near her. Grandma had done some homework too. Kraemer Yarns in Nazareth, PA, was a mere 15 minute drive from her house, and they gave factory tours, so off we went! I still remember my grandmother waiting patiently while I rummaged around the shop, chatting a-mile-a-minute to the sales lady, a tattered copy of Interweave Knits in my hand. I had big plans for this yarn. It was going to be the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket. That never happened. The yarn has sat patiently in my stash, waiting for the right moment, waiting to be noticed again. Enter: February Lady Sweater! The color is great; the stitch gauge is correct, and the pattern seems fantastic (yay! for no seams).

I started this project last Wednesday (25 Feb.) and hope to finish up the garter stitch yoke, do my first lace repeat, and divide for the sleeves tonight. Yes, I am ambitious....

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you again in your blog space...Kathy T