Monday, March 05, 2007

STR Kit Arrives - YAY

Okay, so I've fallen short of the one post per week mark already, but hey, March is a new month and I'm already posting, so hopefully I'm back on the posting bandwagon...

I've been busy being a non-monogamous knitter - the never-ending project has not ended, the cable-footies are not finished, the matching jay-walker sock has not even been started....and I've started Roza's socks in a very lovely shade of this! (I couldn't help myself - the bf was out of town, I was out galavanting with a friend, and this yarn just followed me home. This happens a lot, but usually I'm satisfied just knowing I have the yarn and saving it for another time. This time, though, all I wanted to do was cast on - so I did - and it felt great!)

In-between all of this, I did manage to knit my first EZ item (woot!) -mitered mittens from Knitter's Almanac. Instead of the afterthought thumb, I placed thumb stitches on waste yarn and then picked up and knit the thumb. I don't have pics because the mittens were for Grandma, whom I visited this week, neglecting to stage a photo op. I think these mittens are beautiful, but do wish I had either knit them on thicker yarn or started with more stitches, because I needed to reinforce the miter sections of the mittens on the inside, or else Grandma's skin would show through. This is the only part of the mittens where this happened though.... anybody know why?

I also finished calorimetry from knitty (pics to follow later, maybe...)

Now, on to the reason I began this post in the first place (not that you'd know it) - my Socks that Rock Kit arrived today - YAY YAY YAY! I'm an STR newbie and this was a very exciting event for me. I love the binder (I have a particular affinity for the stationary supplies, and for the parenthesis, in case you haven't noticed) the sticker, the key chain surprise, oh yeah - and the SOCK YARN! Ahhh...manna from heaven (or blue moon fiber arts, as the case may be)

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Jenny said...

What happened with your STR socks? :)

Tag! You're it! I'm tagging you for an "8 Random Things" meme. You can find the rules and my own answers on my blog. Hope you play along! Of course, just disregard this if it's not your cup of tea :)