Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blog 2007 or Bust

Hi everyone! I've been reading all of these wonderful posts about the new year and resolutions (or anti-resolutions, which are equally as good) and this prompted me to actually get off my tush and attempt to put something on this blog.

I have been a very bad blogger. I will try to improve. As I look at some of the other wonderful knitting and spinning blogs out there, I wish I had kept up with this blog. Many of you have wonderful chronicles of your knitting adventures, and I am jealous. In the latest Knitty D and the City podcast, Wendy was able to tell when she knit a certain project because she could look at her blog. Me- on the other hand - I have to go by my memory, and since I can't even seem to remember to take pictures of my FOs, this is not good.

So, let's not call this a resolution or anything, but rather I will just say that I would like to post at least once a week (day) this year. Perhaps then I'll get some readers :)

While I'm not the best poster, I am a very good blog voyeur and podcast listener. Here are some of my favs:

Knitting Blogs, etc.:

Yarn Harlot

See Eunny Knit
The Blue Blog
January One
Knit and Tonic
Tea Leaves


Cast-On (of course)
Lime-n-Violet (must listen)
Pixie Purls
Knitty D and the City
Knitwit: Rantings of a Rabid Knitter
Sticks and String

This is just a small sampling of the wonderful blogs and podcasts out there. Do you have a blog or podcast favorite (or both)? Drop me a comment and let me in on what I've been missing.

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