Sunday, October 22, 2006

Miss(knit)ing in Action certainly has been a while. Fall is always a busy time of year for me and I have to admit, I've been spending so much time knitting and shopping and reading all of your blogs that I haven't been keeping up with mine. So, dear readers (all two of you), please forgive me. Now: on to the show!

I've been a busy little bee toward the end of the summer and into fall. I've been working on socks for brother, made out of this:

It's Mountain Colors Bearfoot Sock Yarn in the colorway Sierra. I just love it! I got it here. I also purchased some Fleece Artist 3 ply kid silk merino from these ladies and I used it to make my clapotis. If you live in the New Jersey area, I highly recommend this shop; despite the seeming randomness of the way the website is organized, the shop is amazing and carries boatloads of luscious, hard-to-find yarn.

The socks were off to a rough start after I was too impatient to wait for my brother's actual foot measurement and started them early. You see, I over-estimated just a bit; I used the yarn harlot's formula from her latest book, but didn't take into consideration that although my brother is a tall, big-footed man, his feet are very very narrow. Hence, the sock guts:

Not to worry though...the patient survived surgery and made a full recovery. I have one completed sock and after a brief interlude (more about this in another post), am working on completing the second sock. The pair should be done very very soon.

These socks were my first attempt at several new techniques: magic loop (love it!), toe-up socks, and short-row heels (I think I prefer heel flaps). Drop me a comment and tell me about your favorite (or least favorite) sock techniques.

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