Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Another Nicest (Non-kniting) Thing

While we're on the topic of nicest things, my man did something incredibly sweet for me last week. It was Wednesday. Wednesdays are long days for me as I work all day, teach a college class at night, and then (knit-willing) go to knitting group. I was on my way home from said knitting group and my gas tank was dangerously low. So I stopped to get some gas, but before I got out of the car, I decided that I was too hungry to wait until I got home to eat a snack and was greedily stuffing cheese crackers into my mouth. I know. This is strange behavior and it probably looks very strange to others. In fact, I know it does because I got caught and was told as much - more on that later. My thinking was this - I wanted to eat before I got out of the car and touched the dirty gas nozzle with my clean hands. Anyway, as I was greedily stuffing cheese crackers into my mouth, I looked up, only to see a large man standing by my window. I jumped, frightened half to death, before I realized it was my guy. He had seen me pull in as he was driving by and pulled in to check and see if it was me, but then thought it couldn't be me because I would never do something so strange as to stuff food into my mouth while stopped next to the gas pump at a gas station. I explained about the cheese crackers and the hunger and the dirty gas nozzle and then my man did the nicest thing - he pumped my gas for me. It was so sweet.

Here are the socks I am knitting for him:

They are sort of like test socks. If he likes & wears these, he gets more (eventually).

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